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CMHS Instructor
CMHS Instructor
Orie Hanley

Program Offerings

about 1 year ago

Construction Trades 1, 2:

This two year competency based course includes theory with an emphasizes on “hands on” skill development. Students gain real world experience. This program prepares students in the diverse field of construction and building maintenance. This program offers instruction in: construction safety, carpentry, plumbing, masonry, electrical, and rigging.

These skills enable the students to prepare for college, the work force, and the military. Students that participate in this program will have hands on experience that will enable them to compete in the building construction, building maintenance, and gas industry job market. This is the perfect program for students that have not chosen a career because it teaches skills home owners need.

Students will learn skills that will save them and their family money for a lifetime because they may not have to pay someone to work on or maintain their home. They will also be able to pass these skills on to their children.