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Program Offerings

Child Care 1, 2:

Child Care is a two year course designed to prepare students for employment in the childcare industry or to pursue a two or four-year college program in childhood education. The student will have the opportunity to earn the CDA Ready certificate (Child Development Associate). Students are trained for the position of child care aide and/or assistant, nursery, pre-school or elementary aide or attendant, playground aide, nanny, and day care worker. Students will focus on age appropriate learning experiences for children and building curriculum for the preschool/daycare environment. Students will learn about various types of childcare programs including programs for children with special needs. A personal professional portfolio of materials for use in a daycare center will be a course requirement.


At Central Mountain Child Care Playdays, your child will be provided with a structured curriculum and a positive environment. We will meet the educational and developmental needs of children ages three to five. The teachers at Playdays will provide your child with an optimistic and nurturing climate that will help to prepare your child for kindergarten.  Playdays will foster a strong foundation for your child’s future.

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