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Welcome to the Keystone Central School District Career and Technology Education homepage. You will find links to each of our programs with description. (work in progress) We offer through some of the CTE programs, dual enrollment with Penn College and have articulation agreements with each of our programs.

All of our programs with the exception of Cosmetology and NRM have statewide articulation agreements with a variety of post-secondary schools.

The Keystone Central Career and Technology Center is located at Central Mountain High School, which is a state-of-the-art 235,000 square foot integrated academic and career technical educational complex that we believe is the model for 21st Century high schools. In conjunction with the physical complex at Central Mountain High School, we also have a satellite site at the Bucktail Area high school. The Keystone Central School District has introduced and implemented an integrated career and technical curriculum that offers a totally integrated academic, career and technical education for all ninth through twelfth grade students. The integration model allows all students, from high liberal arts concentration to traditional career bound students, to explore and attain high academic and technical skills in their chosen profession. This system is designed to provide for all students an educational exploration opportunity that is both rigorous and relevant for career and post-secondary success.

In addition to the integrated curriculum, the Career and Technical education delivery system has been overhauled and given the flexibility needed to adapt to individual student needs and academic college preparatory courses. We now offer programs on a one, two, three or four period schedule. A traditional student who was on a college bound path and would not have been able to enter a full time career and technical program will now be able to take a single or double period in of a career technical program that fits into his or her career choice. The National School Board Association has recognized the Keystone Central School District’s curriculum and infrastru+cture at Central Mountain High School as an exemplary model for a 21st Century high school.

We also offer to our students several industry certifications and dual enrollment credits as well as articulated credits